Attempting to be Avid

via Daily Prompt: Avid

What exactly does it mean to be avid?  You hear many people talking about being avid sports fans, or avid birders, even avid collectors.  I’ve never had enough interest in any of those things to consider myself as “avid”.  Oh that’s not to say that I don’t care about 20150425_091953-1things, or that I don’t have hobbies.  In fact I have taken on quite a lot of hobbies in my short life.  I’ve tried my hand at carpentry and made some nice furniture.  At one point, I decided to take up painting and went all out buying new brushes, an easel, and I even managed to make what I would consider some halfway decent art.  In my younger days I did quite a bit of hunting and fishing, traveling to wilderness areas and forests in pursuit of various game and fish.  It was always a great adventure, but I never claimed to be an avid sportsman.

100_2955.jpgThroughout my life, I’ve had the opportunity to attempt many things, some of which I’ve enjoyed, others not so much.  Yet, I never found anything in which I would consider myself “avid”.  That is until I met my wonderful wife and our two boys.  From the moment we met, I was fanatical about earning her love.  My only goal in life was to make sure that they were happy.  I became devoted to being the best father and husband that I could be.  I have to say that since we met, I have become an avid family man.

This has to be the most satisfying experience of my life.  While yes it is rewarding to sit in my shop and create a piece of furniture, or in my studio and create a painting, nothing compares to the pride one feels watching your son hit a home run.  There is nothing that I would trade for the experiences that we have had together going on camping trips, watching sporting events, and just enjoying time around the dinner table conversing.  While I’ve never considered myself as an avid anything, I have to say I quite enjoy being an avid husband and father.

3 Replies to “Attempting to be Avid”

  1. So lovely! And it’s nice to hear that I’m not the only one who has tried many things… But, to read how much your family means to you is wonderful, especially after watching the Jeremy Kyle show in the mornings! (If you’re not in the UK, JK shows some of the worst examples of love and family, ever!). You’re post has clearly shown ‘You’: who you are as a person and the things that are important in your life giving the reader a good insight.

    Your blog itself is clean, minimal and a good choice to show off your content – making the focus more on your content and not on fancy aesthetics. Your post length is good. Insertion of well sized images help readability. You’ve broken it up well.

    Great first post with a good looking blog. Welcome to the world of blogging on WordPress! 🙂


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