A Most Vibrant Grey

via Daily Prompt: Gray

When most people think of grey (or gray) it brings to mind melancholy thoughts of a dreary lackluster hue not quite dark enough to be black, but yet not quite light enough to be white.  Somewhere in between, a morose dreary achromatic tone with no life.  A quick search of your thesaurus will reveal related adjectives such as colorless, dull, sad, or ashen.

However, that is not the grey I know at all.  The grey I know has a wide spectrum of chromaticity 100_2996and it presents a plethora of astonishing shades particularly in nature. The grey I know is full of life and excitement presenting itself with an limitless array of undertones.

If you ever took the time to notice the scaled quail (Callipepla squamata) you would see how the various shades of grey translate to an almost blue color on their back and wings, how the delicate feathers on their chest are all outlined in a bold dark grey giving the impression of fish scales, or how the dainty tuft of slate colored feathers on their head is topped with a subtle touch of white giving the impression of the faintest piece of cotton on their head.

100_2978If you think of grey as monotone or uninteresting, you have clearly never seen the the silver almost shimmering coat of a coyote in the afternoon sun.  Maybe, you have never watched these curious creatures chasing rodents and attempting to pounce on them before they escape to their holes.

Perhaps you have never watched playful grey squirrels scampering through the trees and rocks with their gossamer coats  peppered in varying shades of grey.  They watch cautiously as you 100_2793
approach chattering out their warnings and scurrying for cover until danger passes.  Their lively antics have the ability to create joy and wonder for onlookers.

No my friends, grey is not the color of the crestfallen or despondent, rather grey is a vibrant tone with an abundance of hues displayed boldly throughout nature.

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