Bonsai People

How is it that our roots have such an impact on who we are.  It seems that our ancestry and lineage play a huge role in our social status and success or failure.  Too often it seems that we are bound by our roots, stuck in a certain demographic, predestined to various stereotypes.  Just as with plants our growth as humans is largely influenced by our roots.  The problem becomes when people begin to think that they or others are constrained by their roots, that their destiny is determined by their roots and is beyond their control.  I disagree.

Take for example the remarkable bonsai.  There is no difference genetically between a bonsai tree and its fully grown counterpart.  Bonsai are grown into elegant exhibits of art through careful cultivation, partially through trimming and management of the roots.  This transformation does not take place immediately, but must be carefully managed over several years with extensive effort put into pruning and managing the roots to develop a magnificent treasure.  Whats more, the trimming and cultivation of the plant never ceases, but is a lifelong commitment.

In just the same way, we as individuals have the ability to cultivate ourselves and others. When we let our impressions of ourselves or others evolve from societal class, race, or some other external characteristic, we construct barriers to growth and prevent individuals from growing to their full potential.  By using a persons demographics or ancestry to place them into a container we are shaping their growth  making them into something unpleasant and confining them to a predetermined stereotype from which it is difficult to escape.

This is not to say that we should disregard our heritage, or ignore our ancestry.  Knowledge of the past is important to ensure a viable future.  We must utilize our forefathers experiences and their failures to our advantage, to ensure that we avoid the pitfalls and snares which they suffered.

In reality, each individual, just like each seed, is capable of creating their own roots, and growing into their own magnificent treasure.  We all have the capability to manage our growth to provide greater opportunity to achieve the highest potential.  We must ensure that rather than utilizing our roots to confine ourselves and others, we utilize our roots to help us grow into the masterpiece we want to be.

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