Fingerhut Blankets

Is it wrong for a grown man, nearly 40, with two kids, to still have a blankie?  I have to confess, I still have a favorite blanket that I have had most of my life.  No, I don’t smuggle it in my briefcase to work, or drag it around like an overgrown Linus, but it is always well within reach of my recliner at home.   I can’t say I remember when I got it, but I can say that I can’t see being without it.

My blanket is a twin sized brown fuzzy blanket with horses on it.  It was given to me long ago by my Granny on my mom’s side. I love how warm it is especially on a cold dreary winter day.  There’s nothing better than curling up with my blanket, a good book, and a cup of coffee (or bourbon depending on the time of day).  I am quite protective of my blanket, it irritates me when the kids take it to their room and I can’t find it.  Even though there are ten other blankets in the living room (we like our blankets) it always seems to be the one that everyone wants to use.

I am probably more attached to it because it reminds me of my Granny and her warm loving personality.  It’s one of those funky furry blankets that was ordered from the mail order catalog Fingerhut.  I remember my Granny always had those catalogs around her house and we always loved combing through them imagining all the treasure we could order.

Aside from Fingerhut, Granny also belonged to a mail order movie club.  I don’t recall which club it was, but there was always a plethora of VHS entertainment whenever we visited.  It’s funny to think of the times before Amazon or EBay, when we thumbed through paper catalogs looking at pictures and sending off order cards and awaiting our loot.

I still recall getting the fliers from BMG and Columbia House with sheets of stamps and the promise of 12 CDs for $1.00.  I’m ashamed to say that I fell for the mail order music scam more than once.  You would always send off and get your “free CD’s” but end up stuck paying for the CD of the week that was mailed out when you forgot to cancel.  That free music ended up costing quite a bit!

Aside from the mail order CD’s there was the 10 books for a dollar, the cigar of the month club . . . I should be embarrassed of all of the mail order scams that I have fallen for over the years! It’s just always exciting to get something in the mail.  Even though we have evolved to Amazon (believe me they get plenty of my money) getting surprises in the mail still gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling inside.    Kind of similar to the warm and fuzzy feeling that I get curled up with that old Fingerhut blanket.


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