Knackered . . . what a fitting post to end the week on.  Why is it that the weeks seem to get more and more busy as time goes by.  When I got my first job in management my Director told me, “This job is like being on a treadmill, and every time you get comfortable someone turns up the speed.  Just don’t expect anyone to ever turn down the speed”.

Oh how I long for the days of kindergarten, where at the middle of the day we had juice and a snack, then took a nap.  Even to be in grammar school and to only have to worry about homework and learning our spelling words.  What torture we thought it was having to do our chores, making our bed, taking out the trash, or mowing the yard.  Oh my goodness life was rough, we couldn’t wait to get to high school, when we got to drive and then we would be in control of our own life!

When we finally got to high school and got to drive, we had to put up with all of our parents crappy rules.  We had curfews, had to get a job to pay for that junkie car that constantly needed work, and as if that wasn’t enough we still had to study and keep our grades up unless we wanted to be grounded.  We couldn’t wait for the day when we would grow up and be out on our own.  Once we got out and got a real job, we would have a new car and awesome house, then we would be in control, life would be awesome!

Now here I am, almost 40 years later, working 50-60 hours per week, dealing with pissed off people everyday, busting my butt to make payments on my average truck and house. Life doesn’t ever seem to slow down.  Funny how its nothing like what we thought it would be.  Every time I move on to the next step in life, I end up with more responsibility, more stress, and more tired.

I’m afraid to think of what retirement will be like.  As tired as I am now, I don’t know if I can stand to be re-tired.

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