I find myself traveling down a familiar road, a road that I have been down many times in the past always excited, eager to arrive, longing to be at the destination ahead. For there, were all of the comforts and warmth of a welcoming embrace, a loving smile and gentle laugh. I travel down this road gazing at all of the familiar things that bring back visions and memories of happy times.

This destination however, no longer holds these comforts. Those times have past. Now the road only leads to emptiness, a frigid loneliness, where there once were loving smiles and warm souls, now there are none. Now all that remains are cold slabs of granite, in fields surrounded by others all different sizes and shapes, yet all the same foreboding chunks of stone lined up on display. There is no more light, no more warmth, just chiseled monuments of those that once were. This place no longer has the warmth, the joy, the love that I once knew. It now only holds ominous stones.

In this place that I used to love, there are many basalt blocks chiseled with names. Engraved with the names of those loved ones who are no longer with us. Each of these stones memorializes those engraved. Those engraved who through their love, caring and wisdom have helped to mold me to who I am. In a way, those inscribed have always been like stones, not cold dark callous stones, but sturdy confirming stones, stones that built a foundation that forged the man putting pen to paper, each of them serving as a cornerstone that has supported me always. Without their reinforcement and guidance, I would have crumbled, they were always there sustaining me holding me up all the times I needed it.

While there is nothing left in this once happy place, but unfeeling grey granite, the memories of those engraved will remain with me forever. The love, wisdom, strength, courage, and dedication that they gave will forever be a part of my foundation. My only hope is that I can honor them by becoming a support to others in the way that they have to me, that I become a foundation that helps build others and strengthens them to become more than they dare to dream, that I honor them by leaving behind something other than an engraved stone, but by becoming a cornerstone for another as they were for me.

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